A Simple, Old-School Way to Help

Are you a business owner? Does your business have a restroom for customers to use? If so, please consider posting one of Empower Tehama's Tear-Off Flyers in each restroom - or even in each restroom stall. It's often not safe for someone who's being abused to conspicuously seek out resources that could help get them safe. A few minutes in a public restroom stall may be the only private time they get. Access to one of our Tear-Off Flyers during those few minutes could be the nudge they need to seek help.

Each flyer has 20 tear-off strips, each with Empower Tehama's 24-Hour Crisis Hotline number on it, as well as the number displayed in bright, bold type so that those who need it can enter it into their phone contacts if they prefer. Download and print them using the links below, or, if you don't have access to a printer, give us a call and we'll gladly drop some by your place of business.

Empower Tehama grants permission for these flyers to be reproduced and lawfully displayed anywhere in Tehama County. Please get permission before you post them anywhere but on your own property.

Download Empower Tehama Ladies' Room Tear-Tab Flyer

Download Empower Tehama Men's Room Tear-Tab Flyer

(They're great for employee restrooms and break rooms, too.)